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"One year" full coverage

on all Acorn/Brooks models!

"Five year" Free extended

"Power Train"(*) coverage on

all straight models!


            (*) Power train covers all mechanical parts, excluding electronics & batteries.

               • Only the Acorn/Brooks straight stairlifts are covered under this warranty.
               • Unauthorized service or repairs void warranty.
               • Damages that are caused by the so-called act of nature or God are not covered.
               • Damages due to misuse/neglect is not covered.
               • Acorn curved stairlifts are covered by the Acorn Stairlifts Company INC.
               • Unconventional installations are not covered.
               • Warranties are not transferable.

Please call for details

 Toll Free   866.998.0977

    Local   434.975.LIFT (5438)

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