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  • Requires no alterations to your RV or home.

  • Completely free standing.

  • Portable, lockable, handles 280 Lbs.

  • Heavy-Duty 350 Lbs. available at checkout. 

  • MS 600 models lift 600mm/23.5".

  • MS 800 models lift 800mm/31.5".

  • Sets up in seconds, folds up for storage.

  • Fitted with wheels for easy transport.

  • Supplied key stops unwanted use​.

  • Fully weatherproof, fitted with a security eyebolt to stop theft.

  • Fitted with a hand crank to operate, if no power is available.

  • Safety edges around the platform will automatically stop the lift if an object is underneath.

  • Full 2-year limited warranty.

  • Easy push button controls make it safe and easy to use.

Pleased to announce this great innovative product to the consumers in the USA

Starting from $2150



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MotorStep does not contain an internal power source, such as batteries.
MotorStep needs to be plugged in to an external power,
either 12v or 110v (with proper optional a

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Sets up easily:

  • MotorStep requires no costly installation or building work and is completely free standing.

  • MotorStep is set up in minutes and is powered by your home power outlets.

  • MotorStep can be placed next to hard to navigate steps within the home.

  • An infill can be created so that the MotorStep lifts you to the full height of the top step. (PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR INFILL IDEAS)

  • MotorStep will lift you safely from ground level, starting at just 1.5" to a height of 23.5" or 31.5" depending on the model you choose.

Carry it with you: ​


  • MotorStep can be transported everywhere easily, with its fold up lifting platform/legs and wheels to maneuver.



  • Depth (platform powered): 26"

  • Overall unit height: MS 600 model 48"

  • Overall unit height: MS 800 model 53"

  • Overall depth: 8"

  • Overall width: 18"

  • Stand-on platform size: 14" x 18"

  • MS 600 weighs 48 Lbs.

  • MS 800 weighs 60 Lbs.

  • Capacity: 280 Lbs. (350 Lbs. available at checkout)

  • Ground level step on height: 1.5"

  • MS 600 models lift up to 23.5"

  • MS 800 models lift up to 31.5"

  • Total footprint when set up: 18" x 26"


· What do you mean when you say, "Leisure Battery"? 

It is the RV's dedicated battery. A leisure battery is the power source for the 12-volt appliances and equipment in a caravan or motorhome. These batteries are designed to provide a steady level of power over a prolonged period of time and are used by the lights, TV, kettle, oven and similar appliances in some outfits. These batteries should not be confused with the vehicle's engine starter battery. Leisure battery system is a separate system with its own batteries (sometimes more than one) and with its own charging system. These batteries are usually deep cycle or marine types. 

· What is the maximum weight of person the MotorStep can lift?
The MotorStep can lift a person of a maximum 280 Lbs. (350 Lbs. upgrade available at checkout. 


· How high can the MotorStep lift a person?
The MS 600 model can lift a person to 23.5".

The MS 800 model can lift a person to 31.5".


· How high is the platform off the ground when you first step onto it?

The platform is extremely low starting at just 1.5" from the ground.


· How is the MotorStep powered?
The MotorStep is a 12-volt machine.
All models are powered by 12v (RV's Leisure/Accessory/Marine) batteries. Please make sure you have the proper connector, if not choose one from the accessories section when ordering. Optional "Home & RV" use 110v-12v power transformer available.

The lithium battery fitted "Freedom" model is not available in the USA. 


· Can the MotorStep be powered by your vehicles 12-volt circuit?

The 12-volt circuit is the battery that starts your vehicle's engine. We do not recommend powering the MotorStep from the 12-volt circuit as the MotorStep can draw up to 14-amps and if used in conjunction with other electrical appliances may take the total amperage over 20-amps and overload the circuit. The MotorStep can be safely powered by the RV's "Leisure/Accessory/Marine" batteries.


· Can the MotorStep be used in the rain?
Yes, the MotorStep is fully weatherproof and is safe to use in the rain. The platform is made from aluminum checker plate to stop slippage. The body of the machine is weatherproof, and all switches and controls are made from industry approved weatherproof type.


· What do I do if the MotorStep is on uneven ground or grass?
MotorStep does require a level base for safe operation, we recommend the MotorStep is situated on an appropriate size and thickness plywood or sheet metal, which can be leveled up with additional support underneath to provide a stable and level platform.


· Can the MotorStep be powered from the home power sockets (110v US outlet)?
Yes, the MotorStep can be powered from the home outlets using the optional power transformer. This can be ordered during checkout.


· How much does the MotorStep weigh?
The MS 600 weighs 48 Lbs. MS 800 weighs 60 Lbs. The MotorStep has wheels fitted for easy maneuverability.


· Is the MotorStep tax exempt?
Although most mobility items are tax exempt, the MotorStep may be subject to some local and/or federal taxes in some states in USA.


· Can the MotorStep be used within the home?
Yes, the MotorStep can be used within the home, some examples may be to overcome a step between two rooms, gaining access to the garden, lifting into a shower, lifting into a high bed, anywhere where a step may be a problem. Possibilities are endless! You need the 110v power transformer. Order at checkout.


· Is there anything to hold onto while the step moves?
Yes, the handles on the central column will rise in tandem with the platform providing support for the user.


· Can the MotorStep trap anything under the lifting platform?
No, the MotorStep is fitted with safety edges that automatically stop if an object is detected.


· What do I do if the power fails, and I cannot power the MotorStep?
The MotorStep is fitted with an emergency hand wind socket located in the control column that can be used to raise or lower the platform in the event of a power failure.


· Does the MotorStep have its own rechargeable batteries?
No, the MotorStep does not have any batteries fitted and requires powering from a 12-volt power source.


· Does the MotorStep lifting platform come in different sizes?
No, the MotorStep ships with an 18"x14" platform.


· What if my Motorhome has more steps inside the door?

Some motorhomes have a second or third internal steps, we recommend infilling the foot-well so that the MotorStep lifts the person to the height of the appropriate internal landing. (PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR INFILL IDEAS)

· What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order any time before shipping and receive full refund.

If your order had been shipped already, only the returns will be accepted,

· What is your return policy?

30-day return policy: Return freight charges are customer's responsibility. You may also want to insure the package against shipping hazards for your protection. Returns should be addressed to the distributor in Virginia USA. There will be a %20 restocking fee deducted from all returns. Items must be in their original boxes and free of damage. Manuals & other items should be included. Once your return is received and inspected, you will receive your refund amount promptly.

Accessories and parts:


Support strap:

The support strap easily attaches to the central moving column. It is designed to support the user as they are being lifted. Colors may vary.



Although the MotorStep is weather resistant and can be used outside safely in any weather, a custom-made cover is available for extra protection

Remote control:

Allows the MotorStep to be operated by another person if the user requires assistance. 

Wired model pictured.

Short battery lead: 

36" battery connection lead allows you to make the MotorStep fully portable. Whether visiting friends or relatives who might have a large step into their house, to having dinners in your friend's RV, take the MotorStep with you for easy access.  

Long battery cable: 

This 228" cable is for connection to your caravan or motor-homes leisure battery, fitted with a bracket for mounting near the doorway of your vehicle. Once fitted you will always have a convenient place to plug the MotorStep into.

Power converter/transformer: 

A 110v-12v power transformer. With the USA plug. Sometimes referred as "Power Supply"


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