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Outdoor Stairlift

(Designed to resist the elements)

The outdoor stairlift has all of the safety and comfort features included with our indoor stairlift is designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use.


  • Designed to resist the elements

  • Weather resistance cover included

  • Maintenance free DC power

  • Easy to use paddle controls

  • Digital status display

  • Smooth start/stop action

  • Lockable isolation switch

  • Swivel Seat

  • Fold-up seat & footrest

  • Two infra-red remote controls

  • Safety cut-out sensors

  • Electronic and mechanical braking systems

  • Whisper-quiet operation

  • 300 lb weight capacity




All metallic components are either made in aluminum, or are oil annealed or zinc plated before powder coating. Plastic components are heat and UV resistant, protecting the stairlift from color fading and ambient heat damage.

It is an ideal solution for situations involving any staircase that is exposed to the elements, including garden steps, sun decks, porches, front stoops and garage or basement steps. The outdoor stairlift is very popular with those lucky enough to live in beach homes, as it is well protected from the ravages of salt air. 

Even in outdoor configuration, our stairlifts has world renowned ride quality and performance, making it whisper quiet, smooth and stable and very easy to use. Included with the stairlift is a durable cover which will keep off accumulations of leaves and snow.



To receive a no obligation quote please call

Toll Free   866.998.0977

Local   434.975.LIFT  (5438)

outdoor model
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