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​Welcome to the Advocates' Corner


  • Become our community advocate and suggest the life style changing stairlifts to your patients and clients. We will be pleased to provide you with promotional items such as brochures and information on our mobility products.  

  • Doctors and other healthcare professionals advocate our products to improve their patients daily lives.  

  • Builders, Realtors and Architects propose our products to their clients to broaden their customer base. Some of those homes without such devices wouldn't be accessible for some people.  

  • Our indoor or outdoor stairlifts can help people stay in their beloved homes longer and gain back their independence. 









If we receive a successful referral or lead from you,

we will send you a thank you reward to show our appreciation. 

 Toll Free  866.998.0977              Local  434.975.LIFT (5438)


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